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How To Have Your Best Day With Miracle Morning Savers

A new year is for many people a chance to change aspects of your life you are not happy with.

There can be a lot of pressure to change all of your daily habits.

But what if I told you-you could achieve everything you need to live the life you want by just changing your morning?

I guess you, like me, would be pretty interested in learning more.

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Why I wanted to change my life

There are many reasons why I wanted to change my life.

One of the big ones was wanting to take my blog and business to the next level. This just wasn’t going to be possible if I kept the same processes as last year while working full time.

So I had to make a change.

That was when I discovered the miracle morning savers.

It wasn’t just me either.

Although implementing the miracle morning requires you to get up an hour earlier than usual, bear with me here – all will become clear, my partner has also applied the miracle morning savers.

getting up early

I know what you’re thinking, one hour earlier! No way.

If you knew my partner, you would know he is not an early bird.

In fact, we’re not telling his family about him doing the miracle morning for fear the shock may kill them.

Still, he is doing the miracle morning savers each day.

If that isn’t a reason to keep reading, I don’t know what is.  

What is the miracle morning?

There are many ways to think about the miracle morning is.

The most impactful was I think about the miracle morning savers is as a commitment to personal development.

It is a commitment to yourself.

You can learn more about the benefits of lifelong learning here.

The miracle morning savers are a change in mindset that allows you to shift from a place of resistance to acceptance, then onto peace.

Sounds pretty miraculous don’t you think?

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So what has been the impact of implementing the miracle morning savers so far?

At the time of writing, I have been using the miracle morning for just over a month.

I will be honest with you, my world has not entirely changed. I am not (yet) a millionaire, and I am still working in my full-time job.

Having said that, I am starting to feel the difference.

For a start, I have acclimatized to the early mornings. I’m also sleeping a lot better – though I admit these two may be linked!

planning and personal development

In addition to this, I feel healthier. This is meaning I have more energy and am generally happier.

For the business, I am able to find time to work on it before work and am seeing that things are picking up.

So far, so good.

How to get started with the miracle morning savers?

The first step you should take is by reading the book ‘The Miracle Morning.

To implement the miracle morning savers, you can probably find the information online. However, I think there is real value in understanding the story of author Hal and how he created the process.

The book also goes into detail on the miracle morning savers and how to implement them.

Personally I just also love reading books. I think it is an excellent introduction to how you’re going to live your new life.

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What are the miracle morning savers?

Once you have read the book, it’s time to get started.

There are 6 miracle morning savers.

  • Meditation – start your day right with morning meditation. Meditation when you wake up sets you up to have the calm focus you need to have a great day. I find the headspace app really helpful here. I tried self-meditation however I find guided meditation at this time in my journey much more useful
  • Reading – I love reading and admit I have always been an avid reader. However, now I focus on reading books that support my personal development each morning helping me to grow as a person.
  • Affirmations – These are covered extensively in the miracle morning savers section of the book. Mostly it is about repeating passages on how you want your life and attitude to be. By saying them repeatedly your mindset shifts and they become true.
  • Visualization – this is my weak area. I am working on it though as I know it is incredibly powerful. Similar to affirmations, you visualize the life you want to lead and how it will become a reality.
  • Journalling – starting your day with gratitude sets you up for happiness. Whatever the day, however, I feel, I start by writing out what I am grateful for that day. From warm blankets in the winter, through to family and living in a country free from war, it’s great to reflect.
  • Exercise – I always end on exercise. I am now a person who exercises every single day! Can you believe that? This is the final miracle morning saver, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Starting your morning with exercise gets the heart pumping, and you’ll be ready to get onto the day.

So there are the miracle morning savers.

Specifically, on journalling, you can read more about the mental health benefits of blogging and journaling here.

meditation miracle morning

Are you ready to have the best day of your life?

I think you deserve it so give it a go!

I know that today and every day, now I have found the miracle morning savers, I choose to have the best day of my life.


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