Find your machine learning mojo!

Machine Learning Step by Step Guide

Welcome to Artificially Intelligent Claire. You’re here because you are feeling overwhelmed while trying to learn machine learning.

Don’t worry I can definitely help you!

To get started, get my free machine learning step by step guide. In the guide, I share a process you can follow to implement the main types of machine learning algorithms.

I include links to all the relevant documentation so you don’t have to waste time searching.

Also to help you make the most of the guide I have created a free three-day boot camp course that you will also get access to.

By the end of this 3-day boot camp you will:

  • Feel confident in a step by step process to set up all the most common machine learning and deep learning algorithms
  • Know the top tips for identifying which algorithm you need for a project
  • Have 6 practise problems with machine learning ready to go!

Once you’ve got your glossary, it’s time to take it a bit further. These three articles are great for deepening your understanding.


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