Find your machine learning mojo!

Hey, There Newbie!

Just started getting into programming for data science and feeling overwhelmed?

Need help with tutorials and keeping motivated?


I started to learn to code just over a year ago

There are so many different resources out there, how do you find the one that’s going to help you learn the skills effectively?

Also, why does everything out there have to be so complicated and boring?

You need someone to help you!

First things first, my number 1 tip…


There is no point trying to master everything. You won’t use it all and to be honest, it’ll probably be outdated in a few years.

I was fortunate in my STEM background and working at a tech company with machine learning engineers allowed me to get access to a lot of support. 

But not everyone gets help.

That’s why with Artificially Intelligent Claire I am curating the best resources, motivational tips and processes that will help remove the overwhelm from learning to code.

You will be able to master the key topics and start having the impact you want.

Ready to start learning to code? Try these resources and the free Bootcamp to help you decide which way to learn.

How to use the AI Claire resources

Any resources tagged with Newbie will be suitable for you. 

I do not have a beginner course for learning to code or machine learning. And I don’t plan to.

There are so many great resources out there. Instead, you can use AI Claire to help you filter them down and find the ones that will work for you. 

Once you have chosen a course, you can use my articles and tutorials for some extra support on your journey!

Where do you start on the Newbie level?

For where you are now, I recommend these three posts to get you started.

To see resources suitable for your level - check the tags.

Your resources will have the tags: All Levels or Newbie

Get your hands on my free Bootcamp to help you decide where to learn to code and give you a flavour for my teaching style.

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AI Glossary Link

Learn to Code Link

If you want to explore the resources in more detail, I think you will be interested in these categories:

In a hurry?

Try these flash posts.

Each flash post has the tag ‘Quick Reads’.

Quick to digest, and highly practical - a great place to start if you’re in a rush!

  1. HTML and CSS for beginners
  2. Learn Python for Data Science for Free
  3. Films with AI

Happy Learning!