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Step 3: Grow Me

So you have put in the work, and you have the skills you need to be effective in machine learning. 

But still, you struggle with how to find the projects that are going to really have an impact.

You want to make a difference, but how can you cut through all the noise?

All of the resources out there are for people still learning the basics. How can you continue to grow?


You and I have a lot in common. Though we come at this from different backgrounds and expertise, we are both passionate about making an impact.

I can help you fill in the gaps and shift your mindset on machine learning projects so you can have the impact you want.

The good news is it’s not going to take long, and you’ll love how quickly you can start having a real impact!

It’s all about your mindset.

How to use the AI Claire resources

At Artificially Intelligent Claire, I am busy creating the go-to resource centre. At your level, it’s time to really focus on being strategic. 

You got this far and landed on this page because of your own ingenuity. Now it’s time for you to have an impact and start getting paid!

See these resources as a blueprint that you can adapt as you need. Use what I teach to add strategy to your career and grow in AI.

First things first, you need to get yourself a machine learning project portfolio. Click here to join the FREE Bootcamp that will help you build a strategic portfolio that will get you noticed.

Where do you start on the Grow Me level?

For where you are, I recommend checking out these three posts first:

To see resources suitable for your level - check the tags. Your resources will have the tags: All Levels or Grow Me

If you want to explore the resources in more detail, I think you will be interested in these categories:

In a hurry?

Try these flash posts.

Each flash post has the tag ‘Quick Reads’.

Quick to digest, and highly practical - a great place to start if you’re in a rush!

This guide comes with a free three-day boot camp course that will teach you how to get the most from it.

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