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5 Kick-Ass Facebook Groups for Artificial Intelligence

Facebook groups are a great place to build community and get access to the latest updates in the field of artificial intelligence. There are plenty of great Facebook groups out there for people to get involved in but here are 5 of my favorites.

These groups are targeted for people interested in AI, they do not necessarily have to have a technical background. I have also included groups I have found useful for tutorials while teaching myself machine learning.

1. Beginning Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, R, Python

  • Overview: A great group for beginners in Data Science. A place where people can share articles, ask questions and learn from a helpful community.
  • Post Regularity: 5-10 posts a day
  • The Best Thing About It: Great for newbies to ask questions and as a source of tutorials
  • Link

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2. Python Machine Learning

  • Overview: A dedicated space for people learning machine learning and data science techniques using python
  • Post Regularity: 5-10 posts a day
  • The Best Thing About It: Great for people looking to move into a career that requires data science skills and specifically python.
  • Link

Want to start teaching yourself machine learning? Check out my post on choosing a course.

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3. Data Mining / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

  • Overview: A group of people interested in AI looking to learn more and hear about the latest innovations
  • Post Regularity: 3-5 posts per day
  • The Best Thing About It: Great for understanding the latest thoughts on how to leverage AI with a lot of great conversation starters.
  • Link

4. Artificial Intelligence

  • Overview: Setup to promote the real world uses of AI and inform others.
  • Post Regularity: 3-5 posts per day
  • The Best Thing About It:A lot of fascinating infographics get shared on this group about how to use artificial intelligence.
  • Link

Facebook Groups for AI

5. Deep Learning / AI

  • Overview: A forum to discuss the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.
  • Post Regularity: 3-5 posts per day (up to 3 conversation starters)
  • The Best Thing About It: an Active group of people participating in discussions started on ‘conversation starter’ threads
  • Link

There you have it – 5 of my favorite Facebook groups for AI. Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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Facebook groups for AI

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