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5 Must Read Blogs & Bloggers on Artificial Intelligence

There are plenty of great resources out there for people interested in learning more about the different uses of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence blogs, in particular, are a great way to keep up with all the latest news.

Aside from Artificially Intelligent Claire (clearly the best artificial intelligence blog ;P), there are several great resources for you, here are 5 of my favorite.

1. Machine Learning Mastery:

  • Blogger: Jason Brownlee
  • What You’ll Get from the Blog: Great tutorial to help you apply machine learning techniques and understand algorithms.
  • Post Frequency: ~daily
  • Link

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2. i am trask

  • Blogger: Trask
  • What You’ll Get from the Blog:  On the about page Trask describes ‘i am trask’ as ‘A few thoughts on unpredictability in an increasingly predictable world…’ and he’s right. Here you will find ponderings on randomness in this world. Though there are not many recent posts, the backlog of articles is worth reading.
  • Post Frequency: N/A
  • Link

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3. Google AI Blog

  • Blogger: Google and contributors
  • What You’ll Get from the Blog: Access into those talented folk at Google’s brains and the latest insights into the application of AI.
  • Post Frequency: Between 1 and 5 per week.
  • Link

4. A chatbots life

  • Blogger: Multiple
  • What You’ll Get from the Blog:A discussion on all things bot related, tutorials and insights from people working in AI.
  • Post Frequency: ~2 per week
  • Link

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5. HackerEarth

  • Blogger: Multiple
  • What You’ll Get from the Blog: Interesting articles about the latest innovations across the spectrum presented in exciting, thought-provoking ways.
  • Post Frequency: ~3 per week
  • Link

So there you have it – those are 5 of my favorites, do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.


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