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Monday Tech Motivation: #2 Veronika Juarez

Welcome to the Artificially Intelligent Monday Tech Motivation! Today I’m profiling Veronika Juarez.

This article is a little pick me up to start your week in tech with a little bit of motivation.

This segment will be profiling inspiring people working in tech from across the board and sharing why they can be a source of inspiration. In addition to this, I’ll share some of the key takeaways I believe are relevant for each of us as we navigate our own lives in tech – no matter where we are currently.

Now, let me introduce you to Veronika Juarez.

Profile of Veronika Juarez

Who is Veronika Juarez?

Veronika Juarez is the Area Vice President, Social Enterprise at Lyft.

However, She didn’t always work in tech. Veronika has had an incredible career as a community project lead and social enterprise. Furthermore, she has worked in the US government!

During her time as Deputy Chief of Staff for the state of Texas, she collaborated with multiple elected officials, community leaders, and business representatives. Doing this she was to move forward the Senator’s legislative agenda and community initiatives.

In addition to this Veronika Juarez has been an advisor for a venture capital fund.

Finally, she was named Fast company’s most creative women in business!

A passionate supporter of women in girls Veronika Juarez is a Force for good!

Why she inspires me?

Veronika Juarez inspires me in particular because she does not have a traditional tech background. Despite this, she is a leader in tech.

Furthermore, she has consistently used her platform to support social good.

What we can take from Veronika Juarez’s story?

There are two really important lessons we can each take from Veronika Juarez’s story:

  • Don’t need to start in tech to make it in tech: It’s not too late to make the change if it’s what you want to do – go for it!
  • You can be a force for good: You can follow your passions and be a positive force whilst still climbing in your career

Follow Veronika’s example and go for it!

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