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3 Step Framework to Become An Artificially Intelligent Master!

Do you ever feel lost in how you are going to make an impact with your skills?

You’re not alone.

As I started teaching myself to code and running projects with machine learning, I met a lot of people like you. 

At times I felt exactly how you feel – lost and overwhelmed.

However, my love of reverse engineering, coupled with my years of experience across business and tech gave me a massive advantage over many beginners and intermediate level developers.

I saw a massive gap in the education of developers. This gap meant they aren’t able to make the most of their skills from a business and impact perspective.

Furthermore, if we are going to deliver AI with a positive impact, we need to encourage people of different backgrounds to get involved. Having hit upon this, I quickly shared my findings with some of the more senior people I knew running tech teams at my company.

I was expecting shock and awe what I got was…

‘Yer we know.’


Is this gap a known issue? 

I couldn’t believe it.

It was then I realised I had to re-work my plans for AI Claire so I could help.

Why weren’t more people talking about this?

I frequently meet people who feel lost in the world of AI. These incredible and talented people are unable to make the most of their skills. 

Feeling motivated by discussions with devs and other senior leaders I know in tech, I changed my approach to Artificially Intelligent Claire. I am making this a go-to resource to help developers and millennials excited by the opportunities in AI have an impact.

I am fortunate to be in the unique position that I have worked both sides of the coin, business and tech. 

I know the tricks and processes that will help people wanting to ramp up quickly and have a real impact.

I know the power of shifting your mindset.

And now I can teach you!

My approach comes in three stages – I call it the Artificially Intelligent Pyramid. 

Don’t worry; it’s not a pyramid scheme!

The pyramid splits into three stages:

  • Newbie: Just started getting into machine learning and feeling overwhelmed? I GOT YOU!
  • Guide Me: You’ve completed a course or two and have the basics, but now you need practise. I GOT YOU!
  • Grow Me: You’ve got the skills and practice – now what? I GOT YOU!

First things first, though – check out these free guides and boot camps that will give you a flavour of my process.

get started with ML

build a portfolio

My Signature Program

To solidify the change and help you master the Artificially Intelligent approach, I started up my signature offer – Artificially Intelligent Masterminds.

I don’t know about you, but I have often felt jealous of people working in high powered business positions when they talk about Masterminds.

These masterminds seem to be the ultimate driver of success for entrepreneurs. 

But I never saw them widely available for people in tech or other STEM subjects. 

Why should the business people have all the fun?

Furthermore, working in research, I saw first hand the power of the hive mind to solve different complex problems.

I am a master at reverse engineering problems.

My masterminds dive deeper into the process for reverse engineering your challenges and your career to have an impact with AI.

I love bringing people from all backgrounds together to learn the processes and then watch them build on the concepts. 

As the group works together, each session delivers a new take on the mindset and a transformation in how we approach problems.

The benefits you will see when you attend the mastermind:

  • Mindset shift & transform – this is a biggie! Your mind is so powerful; you can use it for impact
  • Bridge the gap. No idea is wrong, but not all ideas are viable – you need to be able to spot the difference and work backwards from the solution. This workshop is to equip you with the skillset to be able to identify and implement the commercial opportunities for AI in business.
  • Learn how to understand better the variety of team members and skill sets that will bring your innovation to life.
  • This workshop is no fluff – It is for people who want to understand the fundamental principles and then be able to action them. Technology has been developed to bring us joy, and we don’t want to take it too seriously. Enjoy the innovation!
  • This mastermind is a beginner-intermediate level workshop on evaluating ideas. It is not for people who are already in senior A.I leadership team positions. Also, this is not a programming workshop.
  • This mastermind is not for passive people. We will be workshopping your ideas and developing them together. So you need to come ready to do the work!

The mastermind is best for people in the Guide Me or Grow Me stage.

For all you Newbie’s out there – more resources are below, so keep going!

mastermind sign up

Want to learn more about where you are in the Artificially Intelligent Pyramid?

Tell me where you’re at

Newbie Resources

Guide Me Resources

Grow Me Resources



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    Artificially Intelligent Pyramid™ ;-P

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