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5 Exciting Free! Projects for Beginners to Practise Machine Learning

So you’ve completed a course on machine learning, and now you want to hone your skills. You need a machine learning project!

It’s time to move on to practice projects.

But where can you find these much-coveted practice projects? Don’t panic!

Today I’m listing out 5 of my favorites for you to try.

I have chosen projects that will require different skills and levels of experience. The idea being that this will help you to build out a broad portfolio and decide where you want to specialise.

Stocks and shares

  • What is the project: Using recurrent neural networks to start predicting the future stock price – useful for beginners and those with dreams of getting rich on the stock market.

DISCLAIMER: I in no way think that completing this project will help you get rich – please invest responsibly

  • Where to get the data: You can find different sources of data on stocks and shares, but Quantopian has a free service that helps people develop predictive algorithms for Stock Prices.
  • Kind of ML Techniques: You will be getting practice in regression analysis, in particular developing recurrent neural networks.
  • How to access: Here’s a YouTube series to help you get started.

Classifying Dog Breeds:

  • What is the project: Want to know what type of dog you just passed on the street and fell in love with? Well, now you can thanks to your machine learning skills! This project will help you classify different dog breeds.
  • Where to get the data: This repository on GitHub contains the dataset with over 10K images that you can use.
  • Kind of ML Techniques: You will use convolutional neural networks and classification algorithms to get started on this one.
  • How to access: This tutorial on Hackernoon will take you through the different steps to use to get started on this machine learning project. Enjoy!

Social Media sentiment:

  • What is the project: You can access the Twitter dataset to begin this project. Social media is one area where machine learning and data analytics is having a significant impact on businesses. As a result, it is good to practice machine learning techniques on social media data.
  • Where to get the data: You can follow the tutorial on how to access it.
  • Kind of ML Techniques: Once you have the dataset you can then begin experimenting with natural language processing and classification algorithms. This machine learning project will help you practice a variety of different skills to build out your portfolio.
  • How to access: If you need support to get you started with this data set, you can use this tutorial.
practice with different projects to build a portfolio

Sports predictions:

  • What is the project: Sports fans rejoice! Want to be the hero of your friendship group? Well, now you can by using your machine learning skills to make predictions.
  • Where to get the data: There are plenty of different sources for machine learning on sports data. However, this one is an excellent place to start.
  • Kind of projects: It really depends on what you want to do, but you can complete projects on predicting the outcome of matches, who will be the best player, sports attendance – anything really.
  • How to access: Below is a YouTube tutorial to help you get started on predictive analysis of sports data.

Kaggle project on Digit Analysis:

  • What is the project: Text recognition from images is an exciting problem that requires computer vision techniques. You can experiment with the analysis of a data set to teach the algorithm to recognise different digits.
  • How to access the data: The data is all available on Kaggle.
  • Kind of projects: You will get practice with computer vision and classification techniques.
  • How to access: To get support on implementing the project, as with accessing the data, again you can follow the tutorial on Kaggle.

Bonus Round! Even more free projects!

So you’ve managed to get through all these projects and are starting to build up a good portfolio – this article on Analytics Vidhya has some more projects for you to dig your teeth into.

Enjoy! Link

They say that practice makes perfect.

Though I don’t believe any of us should be aiming for perfection, (we don’t want to fall into the dreaded over fitting trap!), it is essential to make sure you are developing your skills beyond completing a course.

These projects will help you to get on your way to your dream career in machine learning development.

If you’re not quite ready to move onto these practice projects, try a machine learning course. You can see this post for help deciding which is best for you.

Otherwise, which project are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments.

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5 Exciting Free! Projects for Beginners to Practise Machine Learning.

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