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Monday Tech Motivation #5: Profiling Deepa Madhavan

Welcome to Artificially Intelligent Monday Tech Motivation! Today I’m profiling Deepa Madhavan. Deepa is Director of Enterprise Data Services at PayPal.

This article is a little pick me up to start your week in tech with a little bit of motivation.

This segment will be profiling inspiring people working in tech from across the board and sharing why they can be a source of inspiration. In addition to this, I’ll share some of the key takeaways I believe are relevant for each of us as we navigate our own lives in tech – no matter where we are currently.

For today’s profile, let me introduce you to Deepa Madhavan.

deepa madhavan profile

Who is Deepa Madhavan?

Deepa Madhavan is the Director of Enterprise and Data services at PayPal. You’ve probably heard of PayPal but just in case they’re this little payments company with casual 286 million users.

That makes PayPal kind off a big deal!

In PayPal, Deepa leads the data engineering team and is passionate about data.

Before joining PayPal she held many other exciting positions. This included being a consultant at Deloitte before later going on to be the Director of Marketing Intelligence at Optimal Technologies.

It’s fair to say Deepa Madhavan has had an inspirational career.

Beyond the positions Deepa has held, she is also extremely passionate about getting more women into tech. In a recent article in Analytics India Magazine she said:

[On why she wants to see more women in tech] But most importantly, tech-related sectors will be driving much of what our world looks like in the future. That’s why it’s all the more important for women to be a part of these fields and to have a say in the direction in which these fields are developing.

Deepa Madhavan – interview for Analytics India March 2018

Why does she inspire me?

Deepa inspires me because of her passion to ensure that people from different backgrounds and genders are contributing to the future of the tech sector. This is very much aligned with the reason I started Artificially Intelligent Claire.

Deepa Madhavan is an inspiration as someone who has forged an impressive career path in the world of data science. It is hard not to see her as a role model for anyone looking to make a career in tech.

Finally, she is putting her passions into action through her backing of causes like ‘Girls In Tech’ and ‘Unity’.

What we can take from Deepa Madhavan’s story?

There are three things I think we can all take from Deepa Madhavan’s story:

  1. She is a role model of what is possible for someone building a career in data science
  2. You can be successful and live within your core values – use your career to help you emphasise your values and share them with the world
  3. Go where the growth is. Deepa says she chooses career moves based on growth opportunities. Some good advice to ensure you are never standing still.

Thank you, Deepa Madhavan, for inspiring us!

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