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7 Awesome Audiobooks to Get Stuck Into Artificial Intelligence

Is there anything better than sitting down with a good book? Well, how about relaxing with an audiobook? Better yet an audiobook on artificial intelligence!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find non-fiction books can be a little harsh to read.

That’s why I love audiobooks.

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Below are 7 of my favourites for people who are interested in artificial intelligence and its impact on the world we live in.

The books below are all available on Audible and can be purchased on Amazon. You also get a free trial of 1 audiobook, so it’s an excellent opportunity to access some of these incredible authors without paying anything upfront!

Before we start – sign up to Audible with the link below!

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1. Superintelligence

  • Author: Nick Bostrom
  • What it’s About: A look into the potential for superintelligent AI to impact how we live in the future. Thinking of how the fate of the gorilla is now more heavily affected by humans than the gorilla species, this books examines how superintelligence could change humanity.
  • Amazon Reviews: 3.9/5 – 110 reviews total

2. Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI

  • Authors: Paul R. Daugherty  and H. James Wilson
  • What it’s About: A book to teach people and businesses how best to leverage AI. Described as a playbook to embrace AI, it’s a must-read for anyone wanting to take advantage of the opportunities this technology presents.
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.7/5 – 4 reviews total

3. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

  • Author: Walter Isaacson
  • What it’s About: A look at how some of the great inventors and pioneers of the technological age drove innovation. It also looks at some of the commonalities between them that allowed them to form strong teams.
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.7/5 – 61 reviews total

4. The People Vs Tech

  • Author: Jamie Bartlett
  • What it’s About: A look into how the rapid advance of technology is impacting the fragile political system. This book highlights some of the critical issues and brings to light the need to get the debate going.
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.9/5 – 32 reviews total

5. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Author: Klaus Schwab
  • What it’s About: A look into how technology is going to change the world from the chairman of the world economic forum. Great for people already interested in tech and an eye-opener for any disbelievers that may remain out there.
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.1/5 – 36 reviews total

6. Algorithms to Live By

  • Author: Brian Christian
  • What it’s About: Ok so not technically about artificial intelligence but a great read for anyone interested in math and statistics. This book goes into the math behind everyday situations to help you optimize your time on this planet. I loved it and I hope you will too!
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.3/5 – 65 reviews total

Before I go, in addition to these 6 audiobooks on artificial intelligence my 7th pick is a bonus book from the late, great Stephen Hawking.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions is an excellent book for lazy Sunday afternoons allowing you to while away a few hours thinking about the bigger things in life. I don’t think I need to give you anymore details as to why you should get this book as I’m sure you’ll love it!

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  1. 10th April 2019 / 2:46 pm

    You really got me curious! I’m a listener of an audiobook and it took my attention when I saw the title of the blog! It makes sense, I’m now digging for the audiobooks you suggested here. Thanks for the Links by the way.

    • Claire Elizabeth
      10th April 2019 / 2:55 pm

      So glad you enjoyed it! Let me know which you go for!

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