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The Top 10 AI infographics You Can Find on Pinterest

They say a picture speaks 1000 words. So how many words can an AI infographic speak?

I have long used Pinterest as a source of information when learning more about AI.

You can find a lot of interesting AI infographics using Pinterest as a source.

But not all infographics are created equal.

Don’t worry though, I’ve summarised 10 of the best for you today.

We’re covering a wide range of topics, so I know you’re going to take something new from these graphics.

Let’s dive on in to AI infographics!

Machine Learning Revenue

  • What covers: Revenues related to different machine learning techniques
  • What I like: The way they split out the various industries and how AI is used
  • Original website: Twitter

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT AI infographic
  • What covers: The impact of IoT
  • What I like: The fact that it covers the positive and negative aspects of IoT. Especially all of the accidental orders – it’s fascinating!
  • Original website: Business 2 Community

History of Artificial Intelligence

  • What covers: The history of the development of Artificial Intelligence
  • What I like: Seeing how technology has developed from being proposed. It is especially interesting to see how quickly machine learning developed once the processing power required was achieved.
  • Original website: Big Cloud

Machine Learning Algorithms

ML algorithm infographic
  • What covers: The top machine learning algorithms used today
  • What I like: It helps you to prioritize which techniques to focus on when you start learning how to implement machine learning techniques.
  • Original website: Dezyre

Machine Learning in R

R Programming and ML
  • What covers: How to use machine learning in R
  • What I like: A lot of information about the different techniques you can use to implement machine learning in R. I love how useful this infographic is. You can learn a lot from it.
  • Original website: U Collection Infographics

Data Management

data management AI inforgraphic
  • What covers: How data is being used, and the challenges of data management in business.
  • What I like: It covers the positives and negatives of data management on this infographic. You so often just hear about the positive side for business, it’s interesting to see the challenges. Plus the colour scheme on this infographic looks excellent.
  • Original website: Pinterest

VR Technology

VR Infographic
  • What covers: The use of VR technology
  • What I like: It’s interesting to see a AI Infographic that goes deep into one topic. I love this infographic as you can learn a lot about the different uses of this exciting technology. In particular, I was interested to learn more about how it is used for city planning.
  • Original website: Raconteur

Security and Big Data

Securing big data
  • What covers: Securing big data
  • What I like: Data security is such an important topic. However, it can be very technical and confusing to understand at first glance. I love how this infographic pulls out the key points and makes it easy to understand.
  • Original website: pinimg

Big Data Banking

Big data AI Infographic for banking
  • What covers: Big data in banking
  • What I like: The world of banking is a mystery to most of us. It is often seen as a challenge to understand, so it is interesting to see how bankers are using big data. It’s great that this AI Infographic can lift the veil on how these companies are calculating those all-important banking metrics.
  • Original website:Startup digital business

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis and power of analytics
  • What covers: How predictive analysis is used
  • What I like: It is interesting to see the different applications of predictive analysis. This infographic features a variety of different visualizations that show you a lot of information in a small space. They really go deep in this AI Infographic to help you understand exactly where your skills as a data scientist can be applied.
  • Original website: Raconteur

What have we learnt?

So there you have 10 of the best AI Infographics on Pinterest.

My personal favorite is the one on the impact of IoT. I think it’s refreshing to see the balance of the positive and negative of this technology as it becomes increasingly integrated with our homes.

I hope I have been able to show you how AI Infographics can help you understand some of the more complex aspects of AI quickly.

Pictures really are one of the best ways to ingest new information.

Want to see my attempts at infographics? Check out this article where I have included an infographic on how to start a machine learning career.

Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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The Top 10 AI infographics You Can Find on Pinterest.

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