Jasper AI Review 2024: Best AI Writing Software? (TRUTH)

Jasper AI Review - AI Claire

You may be shocked to know how the writing industry has transformed from human to AI writing. With a larger number of AI tools gaining attention for generating content. But above all, Jasper AI is quickly gaining popularity, and many people wonder whether it is worth the try. 

Here I’ll clear all your concerns related to Jasper AI. 

Thousands of positive reviews are being published on the review platform in favor of Jasper AI, making it a reliable Jasper AI tool. On top of that, Jasper AI has a higher customer retention rate than other AI content tools.

I have tried and tested this tool in writing the content. Can you believe it worked well? 

You may still need to learn about many aspects of this AI tool. But don’t worry. In this article, I have clarified everything and revealed all the required details related to Jasper AI.

About Jasper AI review (2024) 

A new AI content creation tool called Jasper has been introduced on the market. It used to be known as the conversion.ai, and then it shifted to Jarvis AI. Then now, finally, it was renamed to Jasper AI and is well known in the market. This tool does everything you need, including writing blog posts, creating social media posts, etc.

Whether you need content writing for your blog, agency website, or client portal, Jasper helps you curate top-of-the-line content.

Top copywriters and bloggers recommend Jasper for its ability to write blog posts and social media content in minutes.

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI 

Just like any tool and software has its pros and cons. Similarly, Jasper AI could be better, but it has its pros and cons. But its pros outweigh the cons. 

Let’s get started. 


  • The speed at which Jasper writes is 50X faster than at which humans write.
  • Create blog post title tags that are SEO-friendly.
  • Long-form content is best created with Jasper’s Boss Mode.
  • With the powerful AI behind Jasper, they produce 99% original content.
  • Marketers find it very easy to write ad copy.


  • Jasper AI doesn’t give you perfect content, requiring active human participation to add value to it. 
  • Newbies may need clarification.

Who Can Use Jasper AI? 

Jasper AI is for everyone, whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or agency. Here is the list of people who can use Jasper AI.

  • Bloggers who can’t consistently produce new content
  • A business that creates original product reviews
  • Titles and descriptions for YouTube videos that are crisp and unique
  • Who wants to post great stuff on social media quickly
  • Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and SEOs 
  • Jasper is your go-to tool to automate content creation and save time.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Use Jasper AI

Here I will cover the step-by-step instructions to use Jasper AI to curate top-of-the-line articles, blog posts, ad copy, and whatnot.

  1. Visit the website: First, you must navigate the Jasper AI official website by clicking the link.
Jasper AI - Overview
  1. Try for free: Once you are directed to the Jasper AI page, you need to click on the “Try for Free” button in the top right corner.
  1. Create an account: Then, you need to create an account with Jasper AI to proceed with the process. 
Jasper AI - Create an Account
  1. Choose the plan: After that, select the plan. First, you can try Jasper AI for free to see how it works. 
  1. Choose a template: Now is the time to start creating the content piece. To do that, you need to choose the template. The choice of templates varies from person to person and their content requirement needs. 
Jasper - Templates

For Example 

I was looking to write a paragraph but was short of time, so I tried the Jasper AI template “Paragraph generator” to generate the content piece. 

Similarly, you can use another template to create the content.

  • Key in the data: When you choose a template, you will be taken to a page where you can fill in the template information.
Jasper - Paragraph Generator

Please fill out the following information:

  • Why are you writing this paragraph? 
  • Put some information about what you’d like to write about.
  • Include keywords that relate to the paragraph here.
  • It will be easier to provide Jasper with more information, leading to better output.
  • By selecting the voice tone, you can customize your content’s tone.
  • Jasper’s unique “tone of voice” is one of the things that makes them stand out.
  • You may sound serious, funny, great, witty, educational, sarcastic, friendly, or whatever you choose to sound like in your presentation.
  1. Create content: You must fill in all the necessary information in the template before clicking on the button “Generate All Content” at the bottom right of the page.
Jasper - Generate

What Types of Templates Jasper AI has to offer? 

One of the most significant advantages of using Jasper.ai is its vast number of templates. The Jasper AI platform currently offers users more than 50 templates, including:

Long-form assistant: Jasper can produce articles, emails, stories, scripts, and even books. Boss Mode is the only plan that includes the long-form assistant, which is well worth the money. 

Blog Post: One click will let you write a 500-1000 word blog post. It consists of an introduction paragraph, a body paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph, and Jasper alone is worth its price.

AIDA Framework: Use one of the oldest marketing frameworks in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

PAS Framework: A helpful framework for developing new marketing copy ideas.

Blog Post Topic Ideas: Find engaging blog post topics that rank well on Google and will engage readers.

Blog Post Outline: Make lists and outline articles. Ideally suited for articles or blog posts with a “list” style.

Other templates offered by Jasper AI

On top of these, there are a lot of other templates Jasper AI brings to the rescue: 

  • Product Description
  • Paragraph Generator 
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph 
  • Facebook and Google Ads 
  • Marketing ideas templates
  • Google My Business templates 
  • Video content

What is Jasper AI Boss Mode? 

Using Jasper Commands, you can master the ecosystem of Jasper with Jasper Boss Mode, the latest offering from Jasper.ai. The Boss Mode feature unlocks the long-form assistant, letting you record podcasts, write marketing emails, or even write a book using a document editor.

It’s the perfect solution for bloggers, marketers, and content writers who want to create AI content 5x faster than they can with the Starter plan.

The Boss Mode for AI copywriting tools makes a significant difference for any copywriter. Whether creating short-form content, video content, or long-form article, Jasper AI is leading the charge and leaving the best user experience on the market. 

Note: I recommend subscribing to this plan, especially for regular writers or marketers. 

Jasper AI Pricing Plan 

Jasper AI offers different types of pricing plans, let’s get inside it. 

Jasper Pricing Plan

1. Creator Plan: This plan will charge you $49/ month for monthly billing and $39/ month for yearly billing. This plan offers features like unlimited words, 50 memories, 50+ templates, Jasper chat, and Jasper art. 

2. Teams Plan: This plan will charge you $125/ month and $99/ month for yearly billing. This plan offers all the features that Creator plan offers with advanced features like three brand voices, 150 members, and three members seats. 

Jasper AI + Surfer SEO Integration

As of April 2021, Jasper.ai (then known as Jarvis.ai) teamed up with Surfer SEO, a tool for comparing your content to leading articles on Google.

Combined with Surfer SEO, one of the best on-page SEO tools currently available, we have Jasper AI, the best AI copywriting tool.

Both tools allow bloggers to speed up writing blog posts while increasing their ranking on Google.

Do you need to purchase separately for Surfer SEO and Jasper AI? Yes, you do. You will need to subscribe to Surfer SEO to use the Surfer SEO integration with Jasper.ai.

Does Jasper AI offer a Free trial? 

Many of you might need clarification on the free trial option available. Then let me clear this thing up for all of you present here. Yes, a five days free trial is available. If you’re interested in trying out Jasper.ai, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. You will receive 10,000 additional words added to your account upon signing up.

Jasper AI Customer support 

While Jasper AI software is impressive, its customer service and support make it even more reliable. 

It’s taken me 20 minutes on average to receive a response from Jasper support, which is super fast, especially for emails.

Do you need assistance with Jasper AI? Send an email to hey@jasper.ai.

As you navigate the Jasper AI app, you will also find a “help” button at the bottom-right of the app, which you can click to get quick assistance.

There are several ways to get support, including watching Jasper training, answering questions in the community, or joining a live Q&A call.

Is Jasper AI worth it? 

Definitely, worth the hype. Jarvis has been renamed Jasper Al. Content is SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free, making it the most popular tool for copywriting.

The templates I discussed are just some of the ones. There is more to it. When you subscribe to Jasper AI, you can go the extra mile to make your marketing efforts successful. 

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Conclusion – Jasper AI Review (2024)

I have discussed all the templates and their pros and cons in the article.

Featuring an exponentially growing community of 70,000 Al copywriters, Jasper Al is undoubtedly the most productive set of Al tools in the marketing world.

Users of this copywriting AI tool are delighted with the results and have testified to the profit they have gained by using this tool.

Ultimately, what you will need for your business and how much support you require will depend upon the type of business you operate.

If you have doubts about the Jasper Al tool, please sign up for a free five-day trial period with a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

Note: I recommended you try the free trial to know if it works.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial? 

Jasper AI offers a 7-day of free trial for all its users to try this tool before purchasing its premium plan. 

Do they offer a money-back guarantee? 

Jasper AI comes with 5 day of money-back guarantee for its users. If you are unsatisfied with its service you can claim your full refund. 

What currencies does Jasper accept? 

Jasper accepts currencies in US Dollars, but the exchange rate will apply at the time of purchasing. 

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