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Jasper AI Boss Mode

Content is an essential part of business marketing and yet most neglected. Whether you are a small business or a big company, content writing is a vital part of your marketing plan or business growth projections. Tools like Jasper AI help write blog posts and other content requirements. It saves the hassle and overall cost of hiring professional content writers or virtual assistants. The AI-based writing tool now comes with the latest addition Jasper Boss Mode allowing users to achieve five times the content in almost half the overall time. 

Jasper AI Boss Mode helps the user to control the software and give instructions per your requirements by simply using Jasper Commands to write your blog post or writeups. However, this additional benefit is not all; Boss Mode features multiple benefits we can come across throughout the blog post.

Overview of Jasper Boss Mode 

Jasper Boss Mode is beneficial in creating long-form content like emails, stories, in-depth blog posts, video scripts, case studies, novels, etc. The following are the Jasper Boss Mode benefits:

Overview of Jasper Boss Mode 
  • One can utilize Jasper Commands directly in the software’s editor, ultimately creating top-notch content in a few seconds.
  • One can use voice commands instead of writing the Jasper commands and guide the AI to create content.
  • It eliminates the need to utilize Jasper Power Mode for switching between templates and performing tedious copy-pasting jobs.

Jasper Boss Mode features

Jasper Boss Mode comes with premium features at just a little extra cost than the Jasper Starter Plan as follows:

Features Jasper Boss Mode 
  1. Jasper Commands

One of the most notable features unlocked by the Boss Mode is Jasper Commands with voice control. It is like commanding Alexa, Google, or Siri to perfect writing tasks. By writing commands in the tool’s editor, one can create a blog post with all the sections, from the introduction to the conclusion.

  1. Extended Lookback

Using the Boss Mode allows Jasper AI to almost 2000 to 3000 characters of your content before the software starts creating additional content. This limit is a great addition to the previous limit of 600 characters that come with the Starter plan. This extended lookback provision helps the AI to create fewer repetitions and relevant content due to the extended preview. It also reduces the overall time and improves the content quality by reducing editing time.

  1. Unlocked Compose Button

Jasper AI Boss Mode comes with an unlocked compose button eliminating the need for additional edits on your end or writing additional work after pressing the compose button. It eliminates the extra time spent on these activities. The Boss Mode also allows one to use the Compose button multiple times, lowering the writing time.

Steps to utilize Jasper AI Boss Mode

The following step-by-step guide will help you utilize the Boss Mode to produce long-format content in minimal time. One simply must start by activating Boss Mode and utilize its features to create a perfect blog post with minimal edits. Moreover, the software also comes with a free trial for Jasper Boss Mode for the user.

Following are the steps to utilize Jasper AI Boss Mode:

Step #1: Selecting the template

Once a user signs into their Jasper AI account, the next step involves selecting templates on the app’s left sidebar. Now select the template ‘long-form assistant.’

Jasper AI Boss - Selecting  the Template

Step #2: Creating a fresh document

The next step once the user selects the template is creating a document. Here the user gets two choices, Start from scratch and Blog post workflow. 

 Jasper AI -Create A New Document

The first option lets the user write content utilizing the available Jasper AI templates. The latter option allows the user to use the assistant to write blogs post from start to end. The user must fill in certain sections of the blog template with the second option. The tools add these sections automatically to the editor post setup. For demonstration purposes, we will be utilizing the start-from-scratch option.

Step #3: Add context to Jasper

Once the user creates a new document, they must add the writing context. It is a crucial step as the content quality depends on your input and determines the output quality of the content. The left sidebar of the editor has sections a user has to fill up, helping the tool to understand what you desire in your writeup.

Add context to Jasper

The following are different sections in the sidebar of Jasper’s long-format editor and their meaning:

  • Title: Define the document name
  • Content brief: It involves information about guiding Jasper to know your writing requirements. One can use up to 600 characters to define what one wants to write.
  • Keywords: One can mention up to three keywords in Jasper to improve your write-up’s SEO. However, SEO optimization is possible only if you integrate your Jasper AI account with Jasper’s designated SEO tool.
  • Output: The user can decide the content length, and one can mention options like ‘Short,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘Longer.’


Jasper AI Boss Mode Pricing Plan: 

Jasper AI Boss Mode pricing starts at $82 per month on this pricing you will get a 50k word credit. If you want to expand the limit up to 100k word credit you have to pay $99 per month. Its price may vary by increasing the word limit. 

Boss Mode Pricing Plan

The Boss Mode plan is the best option for bloggers, content marketers, and agencies who want the best content. Jasper also supports many languages that make it easy to convert your content from any language to your preferred language. 

FAQs: Jasper AI Boss Mode

What is Jasper AI and does the software comes with a free trial?

Jasper AI, as the name suggests, is an AI-based tool for writing and automatically creating content like blog posts, product reviews, guides, stories, etc. The AI tool comes with a free five-day trial.

What are the Jasper Boss Mode features?

The AI tool offers the following features:
1. Full access to Jasper commands.
2. Ease of creating high-quality long-form documents.
3. More than 50 copywriting skills are incorporated into all content.
4. The ease of generating around 50,000 words every month.

What is the cost of Jasper AI Boss Mode?

The AI writing software offers two subscription models, the Starter and Boss Mode. Pricing for the Starter plan starts from $29/month to $499/month. 
Jasper’s Boss Mode costs $59/month to $3600/month. The tool also features a Business plan offering custom pricing per requirements.

Does Jasper have any refund policy?

Jasper provides a full refund if the user does not like the product. The company has a five-day refund policy where users simply have to email the company at requesting their refund.

Does Jasper Boss Mode prove worthy of your investment?

The above guide offers a brief overview of using Jasper AI Boss Mode to create high-quality content. Although a user needs to experiment a little to create a desired quality blog post, the Jasper command features will improve content quality. Users who require fresh content regularly can invest in Boss Mode to generate original and high-quality content. The tool is also perfect for preventing plagiarism issues and comes with a Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker. It also creates a proofread document free of spelling or grammatical errors with its Grammarly-incorporated interface. The Boss Mode can help enhance content productivity and SEO optimization. Users planning to invest in the Boss Mode upgrade can opt for a free trial.

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