8+ Best Frase Alternatives In 2024: (UPDATED)

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Are you still confused about which are the Best Frase Alternatives? In this post, we have listed some best of them.

Writing is hard. But writing content that ranks in the SERPs is even harder. Even the most exceptional content piece will fail to attract traffic if it isn’t optimized correctly. That’s why businesses are willing to spend more money to fulfill their SEO and content marketing needs.

You can write a fantastic content piece without needing any online writing tool. But you cannot do without an SEO tool if you want your content to rank higher on search engines. 

One popular SEO tool is Frase. It’s widely used among content marketers because of the various advantages it offers. Apart from advanced SEO features, Frase also has collaboration and analytics tools. 

But as with any other tool, Frase comes with its set of limitations too. Firstly, it only does optimization for your new pages. It does not analyze your existing pages or suggest improvements for them. Another issue is its complex pricing model. Also, the tool is not easy to get hold of. 

Best Frase Alternatives: In A Nutshell 

If you are in a hurry or don’t have much time to go through the entire article, then check our list of Best Frase Alternatives. 

Sr. No. Frase AlternativesBest For
1. Marketmuse Best for large enterprises
2.Surfer SEOBest & perfect alternative to Frase
3. Jasper AIBest for creating AI-based content
4. ClearscopeBest for mid & large business
5. TopicBest for creating good quality content
6. SemrushBest for creating marketing copies
7. DashwordBest for writing brief content 
8. OutrankingBest AI content-creating tool

Best 8+ Frase Alternatives In 2024

Whatever the reason, if you are looking for an alternative to this tool, you are at the right place. I have listed eight brilliant alternatives for Frase in this article. Learn about their features, pros & cons, pricing, etc., and see what works best for you.

1. Marketmuse

Marketmuse is one of the best alternatives to Frase that will take care of all your SEO needs. It is an AI-powered content optimization tool through which you can maximize your content marketing efforts. While most other SEO tools analyze only the top 10 or 20 Google search results, Marketmuse searches through thousands of SERPs and gives you data-driven suggestions.

Marketmuse Official Page

Key Features:

  • Inventory and Applications – determines the quality of your content and lets you know how authoritative it is in its category.
  • Provides content metrics such as content value, topic difficulty, user intent, etc. 
  • Makes content research easy with AI-stackable filters
  • Collaborate with your team effectively with the team management feature
  • Create content briefs and assign them to your team
  • Plan your content using the content planner



Great tool for creating your first drafts

Different modules for writing and optimization 

A free plan is available 


Expensive tool

Does not have a chrome extension

Does not support Google docs or WordPress


Standard – $7200/yr

Premium – starts at $12,000/yr

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer is one of the most effective on-page optimization tools. It lets you optimize your content as per your content marketing strategy. With its SEO audit tool, you can find the top-ranking pages for your target keyword. It will also tell you which and how many keywords your top competitors are using in their content. 

Surfer SEO

Key Features:

  • Use content planner to create your content strategy 
  • Use the content editor tool to create SEO-optimized content
  • Optimize your website with the audit tool
  • Check keywords directly on Google using the free keyword extension 
  • Jasper AI integration to power up your content creation.
  • Learn through live training at the Surfer Academy


Provides multiple chrome extensions

Integrations with Google Docs and WordPress


Does not offer a free plan

Steep learning curve/not easy to understand


Pay monthlyPay yearly 
Basic – $59/month Basic – $411.6/yr
Pro – $119/month Pro – $831.6/yr
Business – $239/month Business – $1671/yr 

3. Jasper AI

Jasper is a powerful AI-based writing assistant that can help you create both short-form and long-form content in minutes. It is mainly known for its writing feature. Unlike Frase, it does not have features like a content brief, content editor, content planner, etc. But it has an integration with SurferSEO, so you can create optimized content with it. 

Jasper AI Official Page

Key Features:

  • 50+  templates available for creating high-quality content
  • Copyscape integration to check for plagiarism
  • Write compelling product descriptions
  • Create content for Facebook Ads
  • Use the AIDA and PAS frameworks to create marketing copies
  • Create your custom framework and share it with others
  • Create SEO-optimized content with SurferSEO integration
  • Create full-fledged blog posts in minutes with minimal human intervention
  • Write in 25 different languages


The output quality is great

Simple and intuitive interface

Best tool for creating blog posts


Not great with technical topics

Does not guarantee the factual accuracy


Starter: starts at $29/month (billed monthly)

              starts at $24/month (billed annually)

Boss mode: starts at $59/month (billed monthly)

                       starts at $49/month (billed annually)

4. Clearscope

Clearscope is one of the oldest on-page optimization tools built to make content marketing easy. You can use it to create long-form content and get better rankings on search engines. 

 Clearscope Official page

The tool not just does keyword research but also provides you with different LSI keywords for better optimization of your content. However, unlike Frase, it has little to offer in the categories of content ideation and content planning. 

Key Features:

  • Content Editor – Edit your content in real-time and get a content grade for SEO and readability. The readability grade is similar to the one in Hemmingway Editor; it helps simplify your sentences and make them easier to grasp. 
  • Analyze existing content & improve its quality using the audit tool
  • Use the keyword discovery tool to find out the user’s search intent for any keyword
  • Create content briefs and outlines within minutes
  • Google Docs and Worpress Integration


Offers free live training and learning guides 

Strong customer support

Multi-language support


Does not have a free trial

Expensive tool

Lack of certain advanced features 


Essentials – $170/month

Business – $1,200/month

Enterprise – custom pricing 

5. Topic

Topic is another alternative for Frase that helps streamline your content creation process through content briefs and optimization. It is mainly known for its content editing feature. 

 Topic Official Page

It gives you information on high-volume keywords, keyword density, etc. to improve your SEO score. You can also use its content grade feature to understand where your content lacks and make improvements in that area.

Key Features:

  • Automates the research process on any topic and gives instant suggestions on what you should include
  • Outline builder – helps you build an outline for the topic
  • Content Grader – analyzes your article and helps improve its quality
  • Blog idea generator tool – suggests blog topic ideas
  • Table of Contents Generator – Adds table of contents to your article
  • “People also ask” tool – helps prepare FAQs for your topic
  • Word Count Calculator – tells you the ideal length for your content based on top-ranked results on that topic. 
  • Content Briefs – helps prepare a content outline


Simple and intuitive interface

Google docs and WordPress integration

Free keyword research tool


Expensive tool

Takes time to generate content briefs


Pay monthlyPay yearly 
Starter – $99/monthStarter – $80/month
Plus – $199/monthPlus – $160/month
Premium – $299/month Premium – $240/month 

6. Semrush

Semrush is essentially an SEO tool with AI writing as an add-on feature. You can use its topic research tool if you run out of content ideas. All you have to do is enter your keyword and it will return you a list of different topics and content ideas you can write on. 

Semrush Official Page

Also, with its SEO content template, you can create a content brief for your targeted keyword in no time. You could also know how your competitors or top-ranking URLs are using the targeted keyword. Semrush is a great SEO – writing tool trusted by big brands like Amazon and Apple. 

Key Features:

  • Create more SEO-friendly content using an SEO writing assistant
  • Improve your content engagement with a readability score
  • Google Docs, WordPress, and MS Word Integrations
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Generate new content ideas with the topic research tool
  • Audit your website’s content using the content audit feature
  • Use the tone of voice feature to ensure that the content is written in your brand voice
  • Post Tracking tool to measure the performance of your published content (through ranking keywords, backlinks, and social media engagements).


Largest keyword database

Packed with advanced tools and features

Great value for money


Cluttered UI

Gives data only about Google


Pay monthly Pay annually
Pro – $119/monthPro – $99/month
Guru – $229/month Guru – $191/month
Business – $449/month Business – $374/month 

7. Dashword

Dashword is another SEO and copywriting tool aimed at increasing organic traffic to your website. It has a content editor which gives you keyword suggestions and a content grade to improve your content quality. It also recommends you an ideal word count for your article.

Dashword Official Page

When you enter your target keyword, the tool generates a report that shows all the top articles relating to that particular keyword in SERPs.  

Key Features:

  • Content monitoring – continuously monitors the ranking of all your web pages and instantly notifies you if it finds any underperforming pages. 
  • Content briefs – Create outlines for your topics that act as starting points for your articles. 
  • Content Optimization – Get your content ranked higher in search engines with the help of various SEO tools


Provides you with free reports

Cheaper than other tools

Google docs add-on

Even the lowest-priced plan can have three users


No keyword research tool is available

Only single-language support


Hobby – $39/month

Startup – $99/month

Business – $249/month

8. Outranking

Outranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps with content writing, editing, and planning. It has an integration with the Google search console, so you can better optimize your content.  It is quite similar to Frase; for eg., both of these tools provide exceptional single-user functionality. Their price range is similar too. 

Outranking Official Page

Key Features:

  • Topic Clusters – Get multiple content ideas with semantic terms and related keywords provided by the tool. You can then generate a series of related articles and market yourself as a leader in a topic. 
  • User Intent Analysis – when you type in your target keyword in the tool, it will also give you information on the user intent for that keyword. Know what people are searching for using those keywords. Then include that information in your blog piece and make your content more valuable for the readers. 
  • Authority Grap – This feature will scan your existing pages and let you know if any improvements are needed. It will also tell you what your target customers are looking for when visiting a particular page. 


Suitable for beginners

Simple dashboard

A shared workspace for teams to work together

A vast library of explanatory videos and how-to guides to help users learn faster


Pretty expensive compared to other AI tools

Not suitable for large agencies handling multiple projects


Pay monthlyPay yearly
Solo – $79/monthSolo -$660/yr
Pro – $149/monthPro – $1250/yr
Company – $219/monthCompany – $1830/yr

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Conclusion: Frase Alternatives

It can get overwhelming to choose one software out of so many available in the market. You can simplify this decision by narrowing down the list of ‘must-have’ features for your business. 

For eg., if you’re a team who wants to share a common workspace and work together on multiple projects, then you should go for a tool that has collaboration features. 

You also need to decide on your SEO needs; how much information you need about your competitors; whether you want to improve your existing content pieces, and similar things. 

Lastly, it depends on your budget. Some tools offer annual subscriptions at huge discounts. If you have a continuous workflow, you can buy a yearly plan offered by those tools. 

Remember that there is no best tool out there. Ultimately, it depends on your specific business needs. So, think about all these aspects and make an informed decision. 

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