10+ Best AI Story Generators To Use In 2024: (Our Top Pick)

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Certain things are best done when left to machines. Trust me, story creation is one such. 

AI tools know no limits. They make content creation a breeze. 

These AI tools can create content based on the theme that you provide. For some tools, it is even possible to create stories for your characters. 

Through this article, I will guide you through some of the best AI story generators. 

Top AI Story Generator: In A Nutshell 

If you are in a hurry or don’t have much time to go through the entire article then check out this detailed chart. 

Sr. No.AI Story GeneratorPrice
1. Jasper AI$29 per month
2. RytrFree Plan
3.Shortly AI$79 per month
4. ClosersCopy$49 per month
5. StoryLab AIFree Plan
6. Novel AIFree Plan
7. DeepStoryFree Trial
8. Charisma AI$63/year
9. Plot GeneratorFree to use
10.WritersonicFree Trial

List Of 10+ Best AI Story Generators In 2024

Here we have listed 10+ Best AI Story Generators, so let’s have a deep dive into it.

1. Jasper.ai

Will Jasper replace story writers? It is a hot question in the industry today. I won’t be surprised if it does. 

With 80,000 clients, there is little that Jasper fails to deliver. You can create stories in more than 26 languages. There are also more than 50 templates to help you build one.

Jasper.ai official Page

The premium plan, called the Boss Mode, comes at $49/month. You can also use their trial plan to check whether it fits you.

Key Features

  • Create content in 26 languages
  • 50+ templates to choose from
  • Great content that ranks for SEO
  • Grammarly support
  • 10,000-word free trial
  • Boss Mode with premium features


  •  Content is SEO rich
  •  Good 24*7 customer support
  •  Easy to use


  • Extra fee to check plagiarism.
  • You still need to check for technical details.
  • Only a 5-day trial period.

Pricing and Plans

PlanPricing(billed annually)Pricing(billed monthly)
Starter$24/month $29/month 
Boss mode            $49/month $59/month 

2. Rytr

If you have a tight budget, Rytr is your tool. But it has all the traits that you desire in an AI tool.

Simple, smart, and fast. That’s what Rytr is. You can select from over 30+ languages for your story. Also, it lets you have the tone of your choice. All these keep them at par with Jasper.

Rytr Official Page

It offers a free trial that does not expire. In extra, it also has three plans. So, get one based on your need.

Key Features

  • Create content in 30+ languages
  • Provides 20 distinct speech tones
  • Provides Grammarly support
  • Endless validity for a free plan


  • Easy to use
  • In-built plagiarism checker
  • Good customer support
  • Three plans to choose from


  • The final quality needs to improve
  • The free plan renders only 10,000 words per month
  • Email and chat support only for the premium plan

Pricing and Plans

Free Plan$0/month
Saver Plan$9/month
Unlimited Plan$29/month

3. Shortly AI

Writer’s block is a real misery. But they are things of the past. Just pour in your thoughts, and Shortly will take care of the rest. 

Shortly, AI Official Page

You can also use this tool to form ideas. It works with the slash commands given by the user. Some are /instruct, /rewrite, /shorten, and /expand.

It is also an easy tool with a clean UI. It does not confuse you with its tones and templates. All you need is a piece of content to get started. 

Yet, one demerit is that the trial ends after days. It only has a single plan. Hence, you don’t have much choice.

Key Features

  • Commands are easy to use
  • Simple UI
  • Frequent updates to stay clear of bugs


  • there is no word limit
  • unique content
  • good customer support


  • Without clear keywords, the story can go vague
  • Plans are costly
  • Trial only for three days

Pricing and Plans

Shortly AI plan$79/month (billed monthly), $65/month (billed annually)

4. ClosersCopy

No commands, no monthly costs, and no word limits. How does that sound? Great, right? That’s why you must give it a try.

It only costs $419.90 to grab a lifetime plan. The tool is smart and easy to use. You can generate an exciting story in just four steps.

It also lets you work with your team. So you can get more ideas for the story.

ClosersCopy Official Page

So, if you are a novice but your budget does not restrict you, then this is worth a try.

Key Features

  • Create content jointly with your team
  • No word limit
  • Does not require commands 
  • Payment can be made in 3 issues


  • Lifetime plans
  • good email support
  • Routine updates


  • Lacks grammar tools
  • The UI is not user friendly
  • The method is lengthy

Pricing and Plans

Superpower Squad$99.99/month

5. StoryLab AI

For many, the block lies in the first phase. So, if you are still stuck with your outline, give this tool a try.

It has many templates that ease the creation process.

StoryLab AI

It has a UI that allows easy navigation. It is also a cheap tool that starts at only $7 per month. So, give it a try if you have a tight budget.

Key Features

  • The premium plan starts at $7
  • Create content in three steps
  • Regular updates 


  • Easy to use
  • Plans are cheap
  • Good templates that can cover your needs


  • Editing needed before the release
  • Not fit for long stories

Pricing and Plans

Free Plan$0/month

6. Novel AI

If you were looking for a devoted story writer, you have it now. Novel AI is a tool saved for story writing.

It is a quick fix for all writers. Even a glance at their website would uplift your moods.

Novel AI

 It comes with four plans, giving more choices to the users. The tool is made in a way that saves your time and effort. 

You could drive the story in any theme that you want. You can also copy styles from the best writers.

The plans are also cheap. Even the most costly plan costs only $25/month. 

Key Features

  • Make images for your roles
  • Content is highly secured


  • Specially made for story writers
  • Plans are cheap


  • Limited to fiction writing
  • Needs revision

Pricing and Plans


7. DeepStory

DeepStory is a devoted story generator. It is suitable for all story types and movie scripts.

This tool lets you take any film as a base and build from there. Sample scenes are also open. Again, it is also easy to save and share your content.

DeepStory Official Page

This AI tool comes for €12.99/month. Since it is meant only for stories, it has many features to support it.

Key Features

  • Solely meant for stories
  • Easy to save and share 
  • Good customer support


  • Simple to use
  • It can store infinite projects


  • Trial limited to 10 works
  • Only a few films can be used as reference
  • Too many ads

Pricing and Plans


8. Charisma AI

This is a tool that knits good content with charm.

Other tools stop once the story is done. But this one lets you picture the story with its animation.

Charisma AI

It also adds feelings to the role, which makes them stay apart from other AI tools.

It is mostly used by movie and game makers for their plots. It comes with three plans, in extra to a free plan. All the plans expire after 12 months of purchase.

Key Features

  • Gives feeling to roles in the story and makes it more real
  • Uses a node-based-interface


  • Many genres to work on
  • Pricing is based on events and not word count


  • Do not offer title hints
  • Quite costly

Pricing and Plans

20,000 Events$63/annum
80,000 Events$210/annum
1,60,000 Events$350/annum

9. Plot Generator

Fill out a form and get a story done. Plot Generator is as simple as that. Adding to that, it is free of cost. So, if you are a beginner, give this AI tool some deep thought.

The Plot Generator site looks primal, but the contents are well arranged. You could set the tone, the roles, and even the places. But, the fields are many, and the writer needs to have a clear picture of the story.

Plot Generator Official Page

In extra, it also helps you to create a pen name. So, you can get your name and story right in one tool.

Key Features

  • Over 15 standard themes for the story
  • Create endless content


  • Free of cost
  • Input fields are well arranged


  • Ads are frequent
  • Ample editing is a must

Pricing and Plan

This tool is free of cost. 

10. Writesonic

Get your stories built in a moment. That’s what Writesonic is known for. It also helps you write 10X times faster. 

This tool supports 24 languages. So, If writing is your career, I request you to try this tool at least once. 

Writesonic Official Page

The tool is trained on billions of parameters and has a 99% accuracy level. In essence, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism. 

It also has an image creator. So, you can also get images for your roles. 

The premium plan starts at $12.67 per month. In extra, it also provides a custom plan for teams and firms.

Key Features

  • Plagiarism check
  • 24*7 customer support


  • Fast processing
  • Good Customer Support


  • Not devoted to story creation
  • Constraints in setting tone and theme

Pricing and Plans

Free Trial$0/month
Long Form$12.67/month
Custom PlanDepends on features

The Bottom Line

You have seen all the top AI story generators in the industry. Some of them are free to use and well-suited for novices. But they come with fewer features.

Paid tools give more space for writers to bring out their minds. They even help you create images for your roles.

No doubt, these tools have been bliss for writers. They let them create content without blocks. But you have to be careful while choosing the right tool. It should be based on your budget and business requirement.

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