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Looking for the Best AI Writing Software? If yes, then you have landed at the right post.

As the number of Startups is growing with every passing year, so is the content creation industry. 

In today’s time, every new business wants to build its online presence. And what better way than connecting with their customers through engaging stories or value-packed content?

Creating a single piece of content is not a lot of work. But creating thousands of content pieces certainly is. That is where AI writing assistants come in handy!

Note that they are only “assistants”, not writers themselves. Because if they were, companies wouldn’t hire copywriters anymore. 

You can use these AI-powered tools to speed up your content creation process and generate content in bulk. 

But there’s one problem – guess what? There are TOO many of them on the market today. So which ones are good? 

11+ Best AI Writing Software In 2024

To make it easy for you, I have compiled a list of the top 11 AI writing software in this blog. You can try any of them based on your budget and requirements. 

1. Jasper AI:

Jasper Overview

Jasper is the most popular writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to produce highly engaging content. It has various attractive features and templates to assist you in writing different types of copies. It is by far the best copywriting software I have come across. It’s the most highly rated software by users. 

Key Features:

  • Boss mode – helps you create premium quality full-length blog posts 
  • 50+ writing templates
  • Text rephraser
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • Copyscape integration 
  • Live chat support  
  • Plagiarism detector
  • 25+ languages support
  • Voice dictation feature


  • Best software for writing full-length blog posts
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • A lot of flexibility in using it 


  • Not very good with technical topics
  • Sometimes the content may not be factually correct


Starter: starts at $29/month (billed monthly)

            start at $24/month (billed annually)

Boss mode: starts at $59/month (billed monthly)

                    starts at $49/month (billed annually)

2. Rytr:

Rytr Overview

Rytr is the most budget-friendly ai software best used for creating marketing copies. With Rytr, you can create content of almost any type, be it blog posts, reviews, sports articles, business articles, tech articles, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Create multiple copies with its 30+ writing templates
  • Write full-length blog posts with the long-form editor tool
  • Ensure your content is unique and original with a built-in plagiarism checker
  • Integration with SEMrush to make your content SEO-friendly
  • 20 different speech tones to choose from
  • Integration with Grammarly to look for grammar and spelling errors


  • Compact user-interface
  • Many tones of voice
  • Forever free plan 


  • Output quality could be better
  • Lacks third-party app integration features


  • Forever Free Plan: $0
  • Saver Plan: $9/month; $90/annually (2 months free)
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month; $290/annually (2 months free)

3. Anyword:

Anyword Overview

Anyword is a powerful AI writing tool that helps you write engaging copies using its unique AI technology. Known for producing sales-driven content, it enables you to create content that gets you more traffic and conversions. 

Key Features

  • Make your posts more engaging with its predictive performance score feature.
  • Tailor your messages as per your target audience using custom mode.
  • Make your writing more humorous/serious/professional by choosing the right tone. 
  • Rephrase your sentences using the sentence rephraser tool. 
  • Check for plagiarism with its plagiarism detector. 
  • Create full-length blog posts including blog title, outline, introduction, main body, and a conclusion paragraph


  • Clean and smooth interface
  • Easy to use
  • In-built AI technology that produces unique and more engaging content


  • Expensive software
  • Does not offer grammar check


Starter Plan: $29/month (billed monthly)

                       $24/month (billed annually) plus two months free

Data-Driven: $99/month (billed monthly)

                       $83/month (billed annually) plus two months of free

4. Copy AI:

Copy AI Overview

CopyAI is a multipurpose AI writing software with which you can create different types of content. Using CopyAI, you can overcome writer’s block as it helps generate ideas and create unique & creative copy. It’s best for creating small copies such as digital ads, social media posts, Instagram captions, meta descriptions, product descriptions, etc. 

Key Features:

  • It has almost 90+ pre-built writing templates to suit all types of content
  • Create full-length blog posts using the blog post wizard
  • Improve your sentences with the “simplify sentences” tool
  • Compelling subject lines that improve your email open rates
  • Can write content in 25+ languages
  • Provides access to chrome extension


  • Allows you to create a free account with 100 free credits
  • Provides a 24*7 easy-to-message system customer support 


  • The UI needs improvement 
  • Does not provide any SEO-related features


  • Pay monthly: starts at $49/month 
  • Pay yearly: starts at $36/month

5. Writesonic:

Writesonic Overview

Writesonic is a writing assistant designed for larger teams having multi-purpose content needs. It’s not just great at creating small ad copies but works equally well with writing long-form content. With more than 60+ powerful tools, it helps you write 3x faster and with greater efficiency. 

Key Features:

  • Offers plugin feature for Microsoft, Dropbox, Zoho docs, etc.
  • Insert images directly in your blog using the Automatic Image Generator
  • Export your document in its original text format using the Rich Text Editor tool.
  • Make your content error-free with Grammar checker
  • Write effective copies using PAS AND AIDA copywriting frameworks
  • SEMrush integration to make your content SEO optimized


  • 20+ languages support, including English, Spanish, and French
  • Option to create a free account with ten free credits
  • Quality customer support


  • Cluttered UI


For short-form content – it starts at $15/month (billed monthly)

                                        starts at $10/month (billed annually)

For long-form content – it starts at $19/month (billed monthly)

                                                  starts at $13/month (billed annually)

6. Copysmith:

Copysmith is an enterprise solution that mainly caters to eCommerce store owners, marketing agencies, and in-house marketing teams of large organizations. It’s the perfect writing software for teams having bulk content requirements or wanting to work together on multiple projects.


Key Features:

  • Easy collaboration and workflow management with in-app collaboration features
  • Integration with various third-party applications, including Shopify, Google Ads, Zapier, Frase, WooCommerce, and more.
  • Create SEO-friendly product descriptions for multiple products
  • Bulk content generator 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Long-form editor for blog posts
  • Access to chrome extension


  • Simple interface; easy to use
  • Offers a free trial


  • Not good for creating blog posts


  • Starter – $19/month (for individuals) 
  • Professional – $59/month (for growing teams)
  • Enterprise – Contact the website to know

7. Grammarly: 

Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is the ultimate writing assistant that checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Not only that, but it also helps you improve on various aspects of writing, such as using the right adjectives, sentence structure, tone, etc. Copywriters can use Grammarly to make their copies more readable, professional, and engaging. 

Key Features:

  • Performance and readability score – measures the quality of your content and gives it a rating out of 100. This is based on four parameters – word count, character count, reading time, and speaking time. The readability score indicates how difficult it is to understand your text. It’s based on average word length and sentence length.
  • Writing goals – gives a direction to your writing by allowing you to specify your ideal audience, tone of voice, domain, and intent/objective. 
  • Suggestions – Grammarly scans your text, underlines the errors, and provides suggestions on –

1. Correctness – grammar, punctuation, and spelling

2. Clarity – removes unnecessary words and makes your text more concise

3. Engagement – makes your copy more engaging 

4. Delivery – helps create the right impression on the readers

  • Built-in plagiarism checker 


  • Best software to correct basic errors and grammar mistakes
  • Offers in-depth explanations for every type of error
  • Even the free version contains many features


  • Sometimes provides incorrect suggestions
  • Can’t replace a human editor 


  • Monthly Plan: $30.00/month
  • Quarterly Plan: $20.00/month
  • Annual Plan: $12.00/month (most popular)

8. Article forge:

Article forge Overview

Article forge is an affordable content solution for entrepreneurs & marketers who have bulk SEO-focused content requirements. It is known to be extremely fast and can produce articles in a matter of 60 seconds! It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the Cheetah of AI softwares! 

Key Features:

  • Create and post content directly into WordPress
  • Insert links, images, and keywords easily into your text
  • Make your content SEO-rich with the help of multiple SEO integrations (SEO Autopilot, Word.AI, RankerX, etc.)


  • Get keyword-focused articles at lightning speed
  • Great for bulk content generation


  • The content generated is not of top-notch quality
  • Sometimes does not produce desired results


Basic – $27/month (billed monthly)

            $13/month (billed annually)

Standard – $57/month (billed monthly)

                  $27/month (billed annually)

Unlimited – $117/month (billed monthly)

                  $57/month (billed annually)

9. Quillbot:

Quillbot Overview

Quillbot is essentially a paraphrasing tool. It helps you to rewrite existing content in a different style, tone, etc. It’s an excellent choice if you have pre-written articles and want to rewrite them in a different way or a different language. 

Key Features:

  • Integration with Microsoft – you can work on an MS-word document and use quillbot alongside as it is integrated with the software.
  • Article summarizing – This tool quickly scans your entire article and lists its main points. You can use them to write a quick summary of the article.
  • Freeze word – You may not want to change a few words or adjectives in your text. You can retain them by using the freeze word tool. This is a very innovative feature offered by this platform to help maintain the quality of your article. 
  • Complete article editing – Most AI tools rephrase sentence by sentence, which takes a lot of time. With quillbot, you can rephrase your entire text in one go and save a substantial amount of time. 


  • Great tool for repurposing existing content
  • Comes with a free grammar checker
  • No sign-up is required to use this tool


  • Character restriction
  • Does not always give good output


  • Monthly – $9.95/month
  • 6 months – $6.66/month
  • Annual – $4.17/month

10. PepperType AI:

 PepperType AI Overview

PepperType AI is another AI-powered content writing platform that is known for speed and efficiency. It can help generate content ideas and scale your content creation business. 

Key Features:

  • Customized AI model trained 
  • 30+ content templates and use cases
  • AIDA, BAB, and PAS copywriting formulas
  • Custom widget and Integration
  • Bulk content generation
  • Plagiarism and grammar checker


  • A simple 3-step process for generating content
  • Straightforward use 


  • No stand-out feature
  • Not so reliable for grammar check


Personal – $35/month (billed monthly)

                  $25/month (billed annually)

Team – $199/month (billed monthly)

            $165/month (billed annually)

11. WordAI: 

WordAi Overview

WordAI is the content spinner that recreates the original content into a uncommon form of itself which contains the same meaning of the original content. The main disadvantage of this software is that you need to give the content to get unique copies. The new generated article will be different form the original in form of sentence clarity, flow, and clarity. 

Key Features: 

  • AI based article spinner 
  • Corrects grammar and spelling mistakes 
  • Integrate with Copyscape 
  • Spin article in bulk 
  • Generate uncommon titles for articles 


  • One click rewriting 
  • Heightened quality 
  • High volume usage 
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape 


  • Has monthly word limit 
  • Need more pricing option 


  • Monthly Plan: $57 per month 
  • Yearly Plan: $27 per month (billed annually)

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Final Note 

If you are a business owner, a marketer, or a copywriter, you must try AI writing software for once. 

Not only do they help you create content 10x faster, but they also provide you with a bunch of content ideas when your mind stops working. 

In this blog, I have listed my personal favorites which are tried & tested by myself. 

At the end of the day, no single tool is 100% perfect. But you can measure their pros & cons and make a wise decision. 

Do take the free trial if provided by the software!

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