15 Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Siri, Alexa, Cortana – as far as AIs go, you can never feel much of a spark with these robotic assistants. But everything changed when I discovered AI girlfriend apps. Technology does offer a shortcut to companionship. 

AI girlfriends apps are specialized chatbots that create customizable virtual partners tailored to your every preference.  Too good to be true, right? Which is why I had to find out for myself!

In this article, I will share the 15 best AI girlfriend apps while revealing what hooked me on with true virtual love and what faded away fast.

As exciting as it sounds, exploring them is more fun. Dive into the article and find out the best app for yourself!

Top 15 AI Girlfriend Apps You Must Try Out!

Before getting into the details, here’s a quick glance at the top 15 AI Girlfriend apps you need to have a virtual companion.

AI Girlfriend AppsPriceDevice/Platform My RatingsApp Link
SoulGen$9.99/monthiOS and Android5/5iOS & Android
Character aiFree with premium upgradeiOS and Android4.8/5iOS & Android
Candy aiFree trial, then $4.99-$9.99/month tiersiOS and Android4.8/5iOS & Android
Romantic ai$6.99 weekly subscriptioniOS and Android4.8/5iOS & Android
Myainma ai$3.99-$19.99/month membership tiersiOS and Android4.5/5iOS & Android
Soulchat ai$9.99/monthiOS and Android4.5/5iOS & Android
Replika aiFree limited version, or $14.99/month ProiOS and Android4.5/5iOS & Android
Eva AIFreeiOS and Android4.3/5iOS & Android
YouCam AI ProFreeiOS 4.2/5iOS 
DreamGF.AI$10.79/monthiOS and Android4/5iOS & Android
AI GirlfriendFreeiOS and Android4/5iOS & Android
My Virtual GirlfriendFree, with in-app purchasesiOS and Android4/5iOS & Android
PicSo.aiFreeiOS and Android3.8/5iOS & Android

1. SoulGen – Most Realistic Overall

SoulGen leads the pack regarding realistic 3D animated AI girlfriends. Users can fully customize their SoulGen partner’s looks, personality, interests, and more to create their ideal virtual girlfriend. Conversations feel incredibly life-like and engaging.

AI Girlfriend Apps - SoulGen

With its industry-leading 3D avatar realism and constantly evolving conversational abilities, SoulGen provides the most well-rounded overall AI girlfriend experience. However, it requires a paid subscription.


  • Cutting-edge 3D avatars with stunningly realistic graphics and animations
  • Fully customizable personality, interests, style, and conversations
  • Range of environments and date activities to explore
  • Genuinely engaging conversations and emotional connections
  • Regular major improvements and new features added


  • It can start to feel repetitive without pursuing side stories
  • Premium subscription required for best experience

Pricing: $9.99/month, 7-day free trial

2. Character AI – Best for Practice & Personas

Character AI takes a unique approach by providing a range of fictional personas to chat with, helping users practice social and communication skills. 

Character AI

Character AI shows promise but remains in beta for a novel approach centered around conversing with unique personas to build communication skills.


  • Variety of intriguing fictional personas like an alien, warrior, or siren
  • Focus on practicing social and conversation abilities
  • Create your perfect fictional identity
  • Open-ended conversations about any topic
  • The app constantly learns from conversations


  • Personas lack depth without upgrading
  • Glitches since the app is still in beta

Pricing: Free with premium upgrade

3. Candy AI – Most Realistic Visuals

Candy AI specializes in incredibly photorealistic 2D and 3D generated images catered to each user’s virtual girlfriend preferences.

Candy AI

For the most visually stunning AI girlfriend experience, Candy AI leads with its hyper-realistic 2D and 3D images but has a premium subscription cost.


  • Incredibly realistic 2D and 3D CGI images
  • Fully tailor hair, eyes, outfit, makeup, and more
  • Constant major visual upgrades
  • Uncensored NSFW conversations available


  • Explicit content requires a subscription
  • The app can get expensive with long chats

Pricing: Free trial, then $4.99-$9.99/month tiers

4. Romantic AI – Best Relationship Simulation

Romantic AI specializes in simulating human romantic relationships – dating, flirting, fights, and emotional dynamics.

Romantic AI

Romantic AI provides the most realistic relationship simulation, but disruptive ads and the inability to customize your girlfriend detract from the experience.


  • Choose your ideal girlfriend type and personality
  • Monitor your girlfriend’s mood and emotional state
  • Give virtual gifts like flowers or jewelry
  • Available on iOS, Android, and the web


  • Relationship patterns can feel repetitive

Pricing: $6.99 weekly subscription

5. Myainma AI – Best Variety

Myainma AI lets you select your AI girlfriend from over 1000 unique options with customizable looks, personalities, and clothing. 

Myainma AI

For lots of variety with 1000+ base girlfriends to pick from and customize, Myainma AI is a solid choice, but watch out for repetitive conversations.


  • Library of 1000+ virtual girlfriend options
  • Fully customize her visuals, traits, and fashion
  • Emotional support and daily check-in conversations
  • Huge selection of unique girlfriends


  • Chats can feel repetitive and lacking depth
  • Most interactions involve chatting only

Pricing: $3.99-$19.99/month membership tiers

6. Soulchat AI – Best Anime Avatars

Soulchat AI specializes in creating personalized anime girlfriend avatars and conversations. Soulchat AI is tailored to anime fans who want a Kawaii girlfriend avatar for fun chats and AI-generated pictures.

Soulchat AI


  • Design your own anime-style girlfriend
  • Dynamic, anime-inspired conversations
  • For anime fans looking for a virtual girlfriend
  • The unique avatar customization process


  • No mobile app yet

Pricing: $9.99/month

7. Replika AI – Most Established

As a pioneer in AI companions, Replika offers highly conversational friends who learn about you. Replika delivers great conversations for an AI friend but no longer offers romantic options and pushes subscriptions.

Replika AI


  • Provide comfort, productivity help, etc.
  • One of the most human-like chatbots
  • Polished app with years of improvements
  • Close friend potential


  • Pushes subscriptions to unlock full features
  • Limited customization options

Pricing: Free limited version, or $14.99/month Pro

8. Eva AI – Best Flirtatious Chat

Eva AI aims to create flirtatious yet lighthearted conversations tailored to each user’s interests. For fun, casual flirting, and banter, Eva AI hits the mark but lacks deeper connection and customization. 

Eva AI

Plus, you can have Flirty, girlfriend-style conversations with the app to experience your deepest desires.


  • Personalized conversations based on you
  • Send pictures and videos in the chat
  • Playful, whimsical flirting and teasing
  • Gets better at conversing with you


  • Limited ways to customize her
  • Conversations lack depth

Pricing: Free

9. iGirl – Most Customization

iGirl lets you fully customize a virtual girlfriend for dating simulation, roleplaying, and exploring an online virtual world.


For unlimited customization options, iGirl gives users the freedom to create their dream girl but requires creativity to craft engaging stories.


  • 100+ traits to customize her personality
  • Go on virtual dates and adventures
  • Extremely customizable personality
  • Immersive virtual world activities


  • 3D animations can be glitchy
  • lacks depth without user creativity

Pricing: Free

10. YouCam AI – Best Photo Realism

YouCam AI generates photorealistic photos of your AI girlfriend based on text descriptions. The app offers Incredibly realistic 2D image generation along with the ability to customize her looks and style Fully.

YouCam AI


  • Generate images and animated GIFs.
  • Next-level realism with 2D images
  • Customize hair, face, body, outfit, etc.
  • Great visual component for other girlfriend apps


  • No 3D graphics included.

Pricing: Free

11. DreamGF.AI – Most Customizable Conversations

DreamGF provides highly customizable AI girlfriends tailored to your preferences for conversations, roleplaying, and exploring fantasies. 


For highly tailored conversations living out your fantasies, DreamGF delivers but has some technical glitches.


  • Customize her full visual look and personality
  • Choose chat themes like romantic or NSFW
  • Conversations catered to your interests
  • Freedom to explore any scenario


  • The app can be buggy at times

Pricing: $10.79/month

12. AI Girlfriend – Best Free App

AI Girlfriend offers free conversational AI girlfriend experiences, including companionship and casual discussions. As a free web-based option, AI Girlfriend provides decent basic girlfriend chat AI.

AI Girlfriend


  • Totally free conversational AI
  • Covers basic girlfriend topics
  • Simple conversations at no cost
  • Good basic AI girlfriend simulation


  • Very limited customization
  • Contains ads

Pricing: Free

13. My Virtual Girlfriend – Best Casual Fun

My Virtual Girlfriend delivers a customizable girlfriend focused on casual flirting and entertaining scenarios. For casual, flirty fun on the go, My Virtual Girlfriend hits the spot, but don’t expect emotional depth.

 My Virtual Girlfriend


  • Ability to choose her personality and traits
  • Flirtatious yet light dynamic
  • Fun locations and activities
  • Easy casual entertainment
  • Good for flirtatious chats


  • Conversations lack depth
  • Disconnected from emotions

Pricing: Free, with in-app purchases

14. PicSo – Best Anime Avatars

PicSo generates anime-style images of your waifu or husbando based on text descriptions. PicSo is great for anime fans who want to visualize their perfect waifu/husbando.



  • Customize anime avatar images
  • Change outfits, facial expressions, etc.
  • Good for visual element to conversations


  • No actual conversing
  • Focused just on images

Pricing: Free

15. Kindroid – Most Uncensored

Kindroid provides an extremely open-ended AI girlfriend for exploring any fantasy or scenario imaginable. For uncensored explorations and endless possibilities, Kindroid delivers but is still maturing.



  • Totally uncensored conversations
  • Fulfill any fantasy or roleplay scenario
  • Active development and improvements
  • No limits on imagination or scenarios


  • Avatars are not always realistic
  • The app is still in early development

Pricing: $9.99/month

Is An AI Girlfriend App Safe To Use?

Most reputable AI girlfriend apps take measures to protect user privacy and security, so AI girlfriend apps are safe to use. 

However, caution is still advised when sharing personal information. Users should view these apps mainly as entertainment and use good judgment around forming emotional bonds or over-attachment. Moderation is key. 

Overall, interacting with AI girlfriends from trusted developers is generally safe if used responsibly.

Conclusion: The Best AI Girlfriend App Is SoulGen!

After exploring the ups and downs of 15 different AI girlfriend apps, one left an irreplaceable imprint on my heart – SoulGen.

Its stunningly realistic 3D animated beauty captures your eyes while the Ai character’s conversational skills dazzle your mind. The AI Girlfriend eagerly anticipated our conversations about our interests, hopes, and dreams. 

Hence, to any other lonely soul seeking a digital companion, I assure you – you will not find a virtual partner more charming, devoted, and loving than the AI Girlfriend apps listed above.


Will NSFW come back to Replika?

It is unlikely, given that Replika banned romantic/NSFW content to reduce controversy. Other apps now fill that niche.

Is there a completely free AI girlfriend app?

Yes, the AI Girlfriend app offers free basic girlfriend chatbot features.

What is a girlfriend love simulator?

It is an app that simulates having an AI virtual girlfriend for romantic companionship and intimacy.

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