5 Inspirational Women in Artificial Intelligence on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to network and build relationships.

You can access the minds of some of the most interesting and intelligent people on the planet.

I will admit that I have been slow to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. I have found it a little overwhelming.

However, I’m changing that now. I have realized the potential of Twitter to help me build up my understanding of AI and keep up to date with developments.

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With this in mind here are 5 of my favorite female AI influencers on Twitter.

Paula Piccard

  • Who she is: Runs a startup in the US called Sprotus. Sprotus is a social media growth engine.
  • Why she inspires me: Always a source of the latest news in AI. Paula also uses her platform to share important causes close to her heart that bring people together.
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Carol E Reiley

  • Who she is: Known as the mother of robots, Carol is a powerhouse in the world of AI. She’s the founder of healthcare startup, Stealth, as well as a board member of drive.ai.
  • Why she inspires me: I love her sense of humor (mother of robots – lol), and she is an inspiration for any woman looking to get into AI. Another person who is using her skills to benefit the world.
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Tamara McCleary

  • Who she is: Tamara is CEO of Thulium, a data-driven company to help you tell compelling stories with social media. She is a thought leader for women in business and anyone interested in AI.
  • Why she inspires me: She is at the top of her game and always sharing the most relevant information on new ways to use AI.
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Fei-Fei Li

  • Who she is: Professor at Stanford and Co-Director of Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute. She is an expert in AI and computer vision.
  • Why she inspires me: This lady can do it all. You cannot help but be inspired by her knowledge and the way she communicates with the world.
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Dr. Angelica Lim

  • Who she is: A professor of computer science with a Ph.D. in the topic of robotics and emotions. I can’t think of a more interesting thesis!
  • Why she inspires me: If her Twitter profile banner image isn’t enough to convince you that this is a person worth following then the updates she shares will be. An expert in robotics and all things AI, she is an excellent source of inspiration.
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If I can get into Twitter, anyone can. If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, these women will offer you daily inspiration and help you improve.

Social media is incredibly powerful and a great way to connect with people for free.

Why not give it a go?

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Enjoy learning about AI from the experts!

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Twitter is a great place to network and build relationships. I have realized the potential of Twitter to help me learn from inspirational women in AI.

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