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5 Must Follow Reddit Threads for Machine Learning Lovers

Reddit describes itself as the front page of the internet.

I may be biased, but it seems to me most people on the internet these days are interested in learning more about machine learning.

Maybe my data set is a little bias.

Still, you can see how I am correlating the ‘front page of the internet’ as a great place to up-level your machine learning knowledge.

When I needed help understanding more on statistics for machine learning, I called on the Reddit community. You can see their responses here.

Here are my pics for 5 Reddit threads to follow to get the latest news and techniques on ML.

learn from reddit about AI


  • What it is: The go-to place to have all your questions answered by machine learning experts. Currently, with almost 60k followers, it’s a great free resource.
  • Why follow: You will get access to great tutorials to help you learn new skills. Also, the community is always willing to answer questions and help you improve.
  • Link


  • What it is: The future is now – and the futurology Reddit thread will prove it! This feed is full of predictions of the future. You will also get people sharing interesting inventions from across the world.
  • Why follow: If you’re interested in machine learning, it’s reasonable to assume you also love innovation. This thread is a great way to learn about new ideas and get inspired.
  • Link


  • What it is: A catch-all thread for all areas of data science. People discuss different applications of data science as well as processes.
  • Why follow: A great place to get feedback on how to use data science in your projects, as well as get help from experts.
  • Link


  • What it is: A thread devoted explicitly to using Tensor Flow. Here you will find all the information you could hope for to start working with this incredible library
  • Why follow: Find helpful tutorials and get your questions answered. Tensorflow is used so often in deep learning, this is a must to help you get the most from it.
  • Link


  • What it is: Another specific thread, this time to support projects on computer vision. CV (computer vision) is one of the most intriguing areas of machine learning for many engineers. Here you can get access to thousands of experts easily.
  • Why follow: You can get specialist support from people who really understand what you are trying to do. What more could you want?
  • Link

So that’s it, 5 of the best Reddit threads for AI enthusiasts.

The Reddit community can get a bad reputation for trolling; however these threads will be a safe haven for you. Here you will be able to uplevel your skills and learn from the experts.

Even better, it’s completely free!

Another great free way to learn more about machine learning is YouTube – check out this article to see my favourite channels.


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