How to Revolutionalize Content Marketing with Personalisation

In today’s world, everything is getting personal.

From personalized skin care routines through to furniture, everyone is jumping on the personalization train.

So how can machine learning help people create personalized content marketing campaigns?

How is machine learning changing marketing?

Machine learning allows content marketers to use the data they have on customer behaviour. The information is gained from seeing how customers interact on their website.

By tracking how Customers interact with the content marketing professionals can ensure that they are creating pieces that people will enjoy.

In addition to this, content marketers can use machine learning techniques to optimize which content they share with which customers.

How does machine learning for content marketing work?

There are several ways you can use machine learning for content marketing strategies.

Companies like Amazon use rule-based recommendation systems and other machine learning techniques to surface products to Customers they are likely to purchase.

Using Amazon as an example again, they are able to look at the data they have on products purchase together. The company can then use this data in their recommendations tools such as, people who bought also bought.

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One technique to create the rules used in this type of recommendation algorithm is the Apriori method. If you are interested in understanding this method in more detail you can read my article on the technique.

In addition to this, content marketers can test out different copy on customers simultaneously for various campaigns.

You can very quickly see which content is getting greater engagement from Customers. Once you know this, you can then direct more people to that creative during the remainder of the campaign.

This technique of testing and optimizing content in real time is known as the multi-arm bandit problem. You can solve the multi-arm bandit problem using machine learning techniques.

If you are interested in learning more about the multi-arm bandit problem and AB testing you can read about it in this article.

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How to take advantage of machine learning as a content marketer

Many of the bigger companies will already have systems in place for content marketers to take advantage of machine learning to optimize their campaigns.

But what if you are a small business or solopreneur?

Fear not, even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of these techniques with just a tiny marketing budget so long as they are online.

If you are selling multiple products online, you can use the Apriori algorithm to find out which products go well together even if you are not a programmer.

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There are tutorials to implement apriori using excel on YouTube.

Once you have the set of rules from the algorithm you can then design content to sell both together.

You can develop a content marketing strategy to highlight the benefits of purchasing together. This will help you increase sales across all products in the campaign.

What about testing with the multi-arm bandit problem for content marketers?

Even if you are a small business without access to internal A-B testing facilities, you can still use them.

All sorts of companies allow you to run A-B tests on your content as it goes out. Then once they have enough data to determine which campaign works better, they will then automatically shift to surface this one more often.

Three examples of companies that offer this service are:

  • Facebook ads – you can run A-B tests on your campaign with ease from as little as £5 and still get a good understanding of which perform better
  • Google Adwords also offer this service
  • ConvertKit offers A-B testing of email marketing content. If you are using this email marketing provider, then you can access A-B testing for free.
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Are you ready to start using machine learning for content marketing?

So there you have it.

Machine learning is allowing content marketers to offer personalized content to customers.

But it’s not just big businesses who can take advantage of this technology. You too can use machine learning in content marketing to grow your business!

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