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5 Examples of Powerful Human-Like AI

The dawn of human-like AI has arrived.

Increasingly we are seeing robots that are powered by artificial intelligence built to help make our lives easier.

At the 2020 Olympics, Japan will be fully embracing robotics to help the event run smoothly. On arrival for the Olympics, you will be greeted by a multilingual robot, ready to help you get around the games.

But this is not the first example of a human-like AI being embraced by us. Here are 5 other cases of human-like AI in the world today.

1 Sophia

  • What the human-like AI does: Sophia is a robotic AI who can have a conversation with you, answer questions and remember you.
  • When was it created: Sophia has been around since 2017, built by Hanson Robotics.
  • Where can you find them: She is all over YouTube if you want to see more of her
examples of human-like AI

2 News Anchors

  • What the human-like AI does: They read the news. Many people have challenged whether they are true AI, but it is interesting to see them take on this role.
  • When was it created: In 2019 a male and a female news anchor were launched
  • Where can you find them: You can hear from both anchors on the state-run Chinese news channel

The female news anchor will cover political events – you can see her in action through the link below.

3 AI Monk

  • What the human-like AI does: This AI Monk will give Buddhist teachings at a temple in Kyoto Japan.
  • When was it created: This began in February 2019
  • Where can you find them: The 400-year-old Japanese Kodaiji temple in Kyoto

4 Prof. Ishiguro’s Robotics

  • What the human-like AI does: Similar to Sophia from Hanson Robotics, Prof. Ishiguro creates human-like AI robots that can hold conversations with people.
  • When was it created: Ongoing but the presentation at Cutting Edge festival was in 2015
  • Where can you find them: YouTube – you can find anything on YouTube!

5 The Dreamer

  • What the human-like AI does: This is not so much an AI that looks human, but instead one that acts more like a human. In this study, the performance improved when the algorithm slept and dreamed. This behaviour is very human – and freaky!
  • When was it created: Feb 2019
  • Where can you find them: The paper can be found here

So there you have 5 examples of human-like AI.

when robotics and AI become more human

What does it mean for mankind?

So the question that many of us will have now is what does this technology mean for mankind?

Even though many of these examples are of specific AI as opposed to general AI, we are still left wondering about what this means. It forces to ask more questions on what makes us human?

These robots do not possess the same kind of power as a human to process different situations. Despite this, they do make us think about what the future holds.

You can read about some scary AI stories here.

Another question we have to think about is what the risks of human-like AI are?

It will become increasingly important for us to ensure the general public fully understands the impact of AI. It makes me more motivated than ever to continue this blog to help everyone understand the impact of AI. (link to why started blog)

What do you think about human-like AI? Let me know in the comments below.

The future is now!


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