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Is There a Gap in the Market of Geek Sweatshirts

Clothing is an important part of many people’s identity.

Many brands, films, tv shows and even professions have clothing associated with them.

What you wear can be a club.

And programming is no different.

There are plenty of brands out there selling geek sweatshirts and T-shirts marketed to programmers and developers.

This type of programmer clothing can help a person feel part of the community.

But is there a gap in this geek sweatshirt market?

geek sweatshirts

Is the programmer clothing contributing in some small way to the lack of gender diversity in tech?

5 Reasons Why there is a gap in the market for geek sweatshirts

Despite developers representing a diverse group of people, it is clearly marketing it’s merch to just one.

Let me tell you what I’ve found.

  1. Boys club – a lot of the products are clearly designed for men
  2. Girlfriend – many items refer to a programmers lack of a girlfriend. Ergh – insert eyeroll here ?
  3. Repetitive – there was a lot of the same sort of design
  4. Plain – many of the clothing items were pretty plain with simple code based designs
  5. Not my style – this was the main one, these things just aren’t really my style
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You may not agree with me that programmer clothing is impacting the gender divide in tech.

However, I believe that the lack of inclusion within fashion relating to programming and tech is a symptom of a broader issue.

When you are designing geek sweatshirts for the community it is important that all people within the community feel included. With fashion as with life, diversity in the product to represent the diversity in the community is so important.

Programmer clothing may not be the solution to the problem but it seems like an easy fix.

Don’t you agree?

You know what they say, you must be the change you want to see in the world. That’s why I have decided to start my own business to fill this gap I have identified.

Want to learn more about how I’m doing it? This article describes 5 ways I’m using technology to kick-start my business!

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