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5 Innovative Ways Your Cool Devices Use Artificial Intelligence

We don’t go anywhere without our mobile phones and cool devices these days

But did you know you are carrying around one of the best examples of widespread AI in your pocket every day?

These cool devices have many different examples of AI.

If you’re not familiar with some of the application of artificial intelligence, then get ready to be enlightened.

You’re never going to look at your mobile phone the same way again.

Here are 5 examples of mobile AI in these cool devices.

mobile phones and artificial intelligence

Taking Advantage of Virtual Assistants

Most phones and cool devices have some sort of virtual assistant these days. These assistants are a great example of the use of artificial intelligence.

  • Where do you use AI: Virtual assistance primarily use two types of AI to process your requests (natural language processing) and complete the required response (reinforcement learning).
  • What is the benefit of AI: AI teaches you the virtual assistant to understand you – to be honest without AI the assistant wouldn’t exist!
  • Where can you learn more: try this article

Optimising your Cool Device Camera for perfect photos

Several features of the camera use artificial intelligence.

Not specifically in the camera lens itself, however in some of the software that helps you take better pictures with your cool devices.

Some of the areas that use artificial intelligence in your phone camera are:

  • Auto-focus
  • Super Zoom
  • Night time shots – specific to Huawei

Here’s how it works

  • Where do you use AI: These cameras use AI, and typically the deep learning system Convolutional Neural Network, to pick out features in an image. This feature mapping helps the phone help you take better photographs with your device.
  • What is the benefit of AI: The advantage of artificial intelligence for your camera is that it allows you greater flexibility for taking photos.
  • Where can you learn more: Here’s an article on CNN’s, and one on uses of AI in phone cameras.

Cool Devices love Apps with augmented reality.

There are plenty of different applications that use artificial intelligence. Perhaps one of the most well-known uses of AI in apps is through augmented reality.

  • Where do you use AI: AI is used in applications to combine the real and technology worlds. Computer vision is required for augmented reality experiences to work. Computer vision is a form of AI.
  • What is the benefit of AI: Artificial intelligence allows app creators to offer engaging and innovative experiences to customers.
  • Where can you learn more: You can read more about Apps using AR in your cool devices here.

Getting you from A to B with Artificially Intelligent Maps

One of the most frequent uses of artificial intelligence I take advantage of is in maps.

I would be perpetually lost without it!

  • Where do you use AI: The maps use AI to optimize your routes and journeys across the country.
  • What is the benefit of AI: By optimizing your route using AI, your cool device can get you from place A to B quickly. The artificial intelligence can adapt to changes quickly and as you need.
  • Where can you learn more: Try this article to learn more about AI in navigation.

Making Everything Run Smoothly with Optimized Hardware

One application of artificial intelligence in mobile phones that is similar to applications in business is for efficiency.

artificial intelligence optimise hardware

Artificial intelligence is used to optimise hardware.

Where do you use AI: Battery life can be improved by artificial intelligence by optimising the way your phone runs its different processes and uses power.

  • What is the benefit of AI: Quick and efficient running of your cool device
  • Where can you learn more: Try this on for size!

There are 5 ways your cool devices and mobile phones are using artificial intelligence.

Phones are one area taking advantage of artificial intelligence, but they are not the only one.

You can read more about how medicine is also taking advantage of AI here.


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How your mobile phone uses artificial intelligence

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